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Voicera to build intelligent and complex communication systems using Twilio Flex

In partnership with Twilio – Voicera Analytics, a CloudPro Inc subsidiary represents a new approach to enterprise cloud software. Eliminating the decision around buy vs. build, the Twilio model of the application platform allows developers to build, deploy and test agent and customer experiences using Twilio APIs, React and visual workflow builders.

Twilio Flex delivers complete control to design and build customer experiences and apps using API-based programmability and breadth of channels.

Twilio Flex improves contact center productivity by integrating data and apps that agents and supervisors need in a single user interface.

Twilio Flex enables faster feature delivery with tools developers are already familiar with including React SDKs, Twilio APIs and visual workflow builders.

Key features

  • Twilio APIs for a wide breadth of channels and custom routing and integrations
  • Visual workflow builders for IVR, IVA and reports & dashboards
  • React SDK for agent and supervisor
  • Dashboards for metrics, monitoring, and QA
  • Built on a fault tolerant voice and messaging network that today powers millions