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Voicera Speech Attendant
Advanced Call Routing with Natural Speech.

Speech-enabled front desk experience

Voicera Speech Attendant
Advanced Call Routing with Natural Speech.

Speech-enabled front desk experience

Take your IVR to next level with Advanced Speech-based Self-Service and Customer name based Identification

A Speech Attendant provides a cost-effective and friendly solution for call routing by allowing callers to speak the name, department, conference room, or extension they wish to reach by understanding their natural voice.

Voicera built Speech Attendant on cloud-based speech engines to replace legacy dialers with a Virtual Assistant that provides a better customer experience. Callers dial a number and speak the name of the first and last of a person and are automatically transferred to the requested party.
The names are verified via enterprise LDAP based active directories and they are verified and disambiguated without the hassle of searching for phone numbers. This allows the callers to be serviced directly by dedicated agents and shows consistency and continuity in customer service.

Importance of Speech based Call Routing

Your agents are the great assets of the contact centre who keep the customers happy. At the same time, agents are under immense pressure and must deal with a range of customers. Some agents are naturally more empathetic than others or better at dealing with certain scenarios. Also, some customers prefer speaking to a particular agent as they must have done a good job.

That’s where Speech-based Call Routing plays a role – enabling contact centre call routing to connect callers with specific agents or specialized teams who are better equipped to deal with certain situations. Effective call routing based on matching name, department, designation, or specific agent skill is the number one method of increasing FCR (first contact resolution) which provides the most direct increase in Customer Satisfaction.

Voicera Speech Attendant Features

Enhance Customer Experience

Automate the phone receptionist

Provide 24/7 Customer access

Integrates with existing LDAP

Automate agent task

Increases caller convenience