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Voicera QuickPay IVR

Voicera launches IVR Payment solution for a leading Healthcare platform.

IVR payments play a vital role in Contactless transactions and now preferred over the other payment options. It’s fast secure and doesn’t involve human intervention, hence instrumental in boosting customer confidence when it comes to paying bills.

Voicera has partnered with USA based healthcare platform that has successfully onboarded 1000’s of hospitals and clinicians for online revenue cycle management, clinical record and patient engagement services.

With traditional billing collection method, Voicera integrated with healthcare platform for billing cycle, payment collection and reminders using IVR technology. Voicera IVR Solution is integrated with health platform thus connected to 140k healthcare providers across USA. IVR Solution is widely used for revenue cycle management, scheduling and Patient Portal Messaging.

The IVR payment solution allows patients to make payments by entering their card data via touch tones or by speaking natural language at anytime of the day or night without speaking to an agent or accessing a website.