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Speech recognition

Speech recognition in contact center – How does it improve the Customer Experience (CX)?

What more can be best and easiest way to communicate other than speech. Nevertheless, in your own language. Gone are the days the customers need to convey messages using buttons, prompts, and keyboards. Speech recognition has evolved and are now being used easily by people to get their song played from list of million songs. That’s just one example how easy is to use your own voice to get work done. There are more use cases for speech recognition such as getting assistance like enquire the order status, account statement, re-ordering, and credit card payments.

Speech recognition in contact center:

Using speech recognition technology isn’t just about recognizing what you’re saying. This is about transferring the information into a format that can be analysed later, such as a text file or audio file. All of these applications can be used to improve the way your contact center serves customers and does business. Businesses can use speech recognition systems to get insights into what customers are calling about, their general sentiment, and their language usage. Using these insights, you can improve customer service operations and train your agents.

How does speech recognition improve customer experience?

Your contact center can enjoy the following benefits by implementing a speech recognition:

– With self-service through voice recognition technology as well as live agent chat, consumers will have a higher satisfaction rating.

– The system can process commands more easily through voice recognition, resulting in more user-friendly menus.

– Users with disabilities may find it difficult to navigate buttons on touchpads or traditional phones.

– Allowing agents to focus on other, more important tasks rather than data analysis. – Automating most of your operations with speech recognition will help you save on time and resources.