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Voicera QuickPay IVR

Voicera launches IVR Payment solution for a leading Healthcare platform.

IVR payments play a vital role in Contactless transactions and now preferred over the other payment options. It’s fast secure and doesn’t involve human intervention, hence instrumental in boosting customer confidence when it comes to paying bills. Voicera has partnered with USA based healthcare platform that has successfully onboarded 1000’s of hospitals and clinicians for…

Business communication

Voicera to build intelligent and complex communication systems using Twilio Flex

In partnership with Twilio – Voicera Analytics, a CloudPro Inc subsidiary represents a new approach to enterprise cloud software. Eliminating the decision around buy vs. build, the Twilio model of the application platform allows developers to build, deploy and test agent and customer experiences using Twilio APIs, React and visual workflow builders. Twilio Flex delivers…

Voicera - Voice Authentication

Your Voice is the password and identity to your applications

Verizon reports that 61% of breaches involved credentials in 2020. This includes passwords stolen through email account compromises and other forms of social engineering attacks, which were up 11% in 2020. Unlike passwords, biometrics rely on something you are — not something you know. What is Voice Authentication? Voice authentication makes logins as easy as…