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Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Efficient workforce management is directly proportional to organization’s success. We provide services for different WFM solutions and their integration with contact centers to maximize the engagement, forecast the load in future and plan the staffing requirements and many different metrics accordingly. WFM plays a vital role for 24X7 helpdesk executive support and comes hand-to-hand during the downtime windows for switching to alternative channel of communication and coordination to maintain round the clock support coverage. WFM supports multiple skills to make contact centers acceptable for global outreach and support scalability. Security is utmost priority, hence WFM integrated solutions provide support for PCI, PII (Personally Identifiable Information), HIPPA compliance.

We involve all the necessary aspects of work force management strategies to reduce the operation cost and increase the efficiency between different teams. Below are some aspects we follow commonly.

  1. Real time data collection and AI based analysis
  2. Forecasting based on solid analytics
  3. Staffing efforts
  4. Training and skill management
  5. Productive time tracking