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Application Integration

Application Integration

Integration is the key to create an awesome solution and make life easier. Having expertise in integrating with multiple cloud services, we have delivered customized solution on various features integrated with cloud services like transcription, text detection, image detection, speech analysis and voicemail.

Looking for a contact center for pharmacy?

We can help closing the gaps between pharmacy and patients by providing HIPAA compliant solutions integrated with Text Detection to auto fill forms with the prescription details

Looking for a Global Business Solutions?

We surely can help with a virtual contact center with a global customer base where a customer texts in Mandarin and an agent responds in English using our customized solution with Translation. With Multi Language support in Automated Speech Recognition and Text To Speech, we can assist you to build an IVR which can be deployed globally.

Want to ease your agent interaction with assisted Transcription feature?

We can build it for you!

Tired of the traditional authentication system?

We can build or upgrade your contact center with Voice Biometric authentication